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Featured: FlexPoser

Completed: July 2014
Languages:C++, LUA
Libs/Frameworks: OpenCV

FlexPoser is an addon for Garry's Mod that allows players to directly control their character's facial expression and head rotation by posing in front of a webcam. The player's facial expression is tracked with a face tracking algorithm and the expression is then applied to his/her player model in real-time. The expressions are synchronized across game clients in online matches, so that players can communicate through live facial expressions, optionally with voice chat.

I chose to develop this idea because I would like to see this in more multiplayer games one day, especially cooperative games and MMORPGs. I see much potential in its application for communication, role play and simply fun. I combined development of this addon with my graduation project for a master's degree in game and media technology. My thesis involves analyzing the benefits of this technology through user studies of players using the addon in offline (LAN) and online matches.

Through this project I have learned how to deal with many practical issues surrounding releasing software to a large user base. I put much thought into creating a clear in-game interface and in-game step-by-step user calibration process. One problem that I had to deal with was that users reported errors that I could not reproduce because they were caused by specific webcam behavior different from my own. Soon after these reports came in I updated the addon with a logging feature so that users with issues could send me their logs, allowing me to locate and fix problems despite not being able to reproduce their issues. Through addressing these issues I also gained experience in updating an addon that is actively in use by many players and servers, including version management of server-side and client-side components that have to agree with each other.

The addon has been published on Steam workshop, where it has been met with widely positive response and holds a 5/5 star rating with over a thousand ratings. It has been downloaded over 15.000 times.


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