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The Last Barman

Completed: April 2013
Libs/Frameworks: JMonkeyEngine3

The Last Barman is my entry for the Ludum Dare 26th game jam where the theme was Minimalism. I strayed a bit from the theme, but I made this fun little time management game in which you play a barman who has to serve up combined orders of cola, ice tea, coffee and beer. You get a rank based on your performance, up to 'Perfect' if you manage to service all orders without delay. The challenge lies in memorizing and servicing multiple orders at once, while your hands can only carry two drinks each.

This was my second time participating in Ludum Dare and my first time using JMonkeyEngine3 (JME). I had heard good things about JME as a game framework for Java and decided the game jam would be a good opportunity to try it out with a purpose. It was very much to my liking for small games, because it was easy to set up simple geometry, materials and lighting via code.


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