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Catherine Puzzle Clone

Completed: May 2013
Libs/Frameworks: JMonkeyEngine3

This is a clone of the PS3 puzzle story game Catherine. In Catherine you play an unfortunate guy who is having nightmares of being trapped in a deadly world of block puzzles. Meanwhile, in real life he is having relationship issues with his long time girlfriend. The puzzles are based on the simple, yet counter-intuitive rule that blocks do not fall as long as one of their edges is touching a block below them. You have to push, pull and climb the right blocks to make your way to the top.

I wanted a game programming exercise without having to design, so I decided to give a shot at mimicking Catherine's puzzle mechanics and some of its levels. Having just finished The Last Barman I decided to use JMonkeyEngine3 for a little longer. I ended up recreating Catherine's puzzle gameplay with the exception of some features (pickups, undoing) and 3 levels from the original game. Since the levels in the original game are huge I created a very basic 3D level editor for the level recreation.


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