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Get Over Here!

Completed: December 2013
Libs/Frameworks: JMonkeyEngine3

Get Over Here! is my entry for the Ludum Dare 28th game jam where the theme was You only get one. In this game you play a one armed blue knight who can only carry either his weapon or his shield at a time (you only get one). Luckily for you, you have a trustworthy squire who carries the other item for you and is ready to make a switch when you command him.

This was my third time participating in Ludum Dare and having learned from my previous two experiences I kept the scope of this game small: only one level, only one enemy. This gave me the opportunity for once to balance the gameplay and add sound effects, in contrast to my previous two submissions. My guideline was to make a Zelda-like boss fight: one with easy mechanics but where you have to learn enemy attack patterns to know which item to use and when to strike. In that regard the fight was great fun to design and balance. I'm proud of the fact that its ranked #50 in Fun and #72 Overall out of over 2000 submissions.


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