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Dare 2 Care

Completed: February 2012
Libs/Frameworks: Unity

Dare 2 Care is an educational game I have worked from start to finish as a part time game programmer. My employer for this project was InThere MicroGames, a Dutch game company that produces instructional short games for internal use in companies. The game is aimed at novice day care employees and is designed to help them memorize potential hazards to children in an interactive way.

The goal of the game is to clean up obstacles, for example spilled water or a handbag lying around, while you are also giving attention to babies roaming around in the room. A baby who is not getting attention will start to whine, resulting in point deduction and eventually leading to a game over, but while you are comforting one baby another may be crawling towards an obstacle that they are not meant to interact with. The challenge in this game lies in dividing attention and making a plan. At the end of the session all events are shown in chronological order with an annotation saying whether you handled it well or not. Dare2Care is currently in use at B4Kids, a Dutch provider of day care centers.

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