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Rendering Participating Media with MCML

Completed: November 2013
Libs/Frameworks: PBRT

For my studies there was a required three months project in which you were free to choose your own game technology related subject. I decided to look into physically based rendering of participating media (mist, fog volumes, transparent materials). My supervisor for this was Robby Tan.

Together with Mattijs Driel, with whom I also worked together for our bachelor project, I re-implemented and extended an algorithm called MCML: Monte Carlo light transport in multi-layered tissue, a technique that has been used in biology to accurately simulate light transport in perpendicular layers of tissue. Our project was focused on exploring whether this light transport model is also suitable for photorealistic image synthesis. The technique is computationally heavy and thus not suitable for real-time applications.

We extended the technique to support arbitary geometry and inhomogeneous fog volumes. We implemented our MCML based renderer in PBRT, a ray tracing library that is presented in the book Physically Based Rendering by Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys. Our final implementation can accurately render arbitrarily intersecting volumes of different transparent materials with physically measured constants, possibly inhomogeneous. It takes into account geometric degenerate cases as well as floating point inaccuracy of coordinates.

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