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HLSL Path Tracer

Completed: April 2013
Languages:C++, HLSL
Libs/Frameworks: DirectX

For the master course Advanced Graphics we were tasked with implementing a basic path tracer using DirectX and HLSL. My supervisor for this course was Marries van der Hoef. Ray tracing is the general concept of simulating millions of light rays to generate a photorealistic image of a virtual environment. Path tracing is subclass of techniques within ray tracing that can produce results very quickly and refine those results as more samples are computed.

The bare assignment for this course required us to implement a path tracer that could accurately render diffuse surfaces, but bonus points were given for extra features. I implemented a path tracer with added features of specular reflection, anti-aliasing and depth of field, which is the effect of objects appearing blurry when they are not at the focal distance of the lens. My final grade for this course was a 9.5/10. The video (link above) demonstrates the convergence rate of the path tracer.


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